Reception of the district executive committee

4 Lenina Street, Bragin, 247632


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Health care

The Bragin territorial medical association (TMA) incorporates the Bragin central regional hospital, the Komarin regional hospital, three out-patients departments of general practitioners, one rural ambulance station and 13 medical assistant’s and obstetrical stations.

TMA employees number 433: 32 doctors and 172 junior medical staff. There are a surgical department, a therapeutics department, pediatric and obstetric-gynecologic departments, an intense care unit.

In 2002 a new building of the regional hospital was sent in service hosting all TMA departments.

An information and analytical center “Zdorovye” was opened to promote a healthy life style. Two ambulance stations of general practitioners were sent in operation. The Komarin regional hospital opened a 15-bed department of nursing care for lonely elderly people.

International humanitarian cooperation has been on the increase recently. Four projects with the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and CORE projects are being presently implemented.

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